Got Meat?

Thank you so much for your support of our first ever Annual Meat Raffle! This page has some helpful information and a flyer you can share with your friends who will be attending. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

-The Meat Raffle is Saturday, March 10th at the Knights of Columbus (1530 Kenmore Ave).

-If you have not paid, please be sure to send your payment in by February 15th. You can mail a check made out to Ken-Ton Closet PO Box 343, Buffalo, NY 14223 or you can pay through PayPal ( We will notify you when payment is received.

-Each reservation has been made in your host's name. The first person from your group to arrive can choose the table for your group (they are first come, first served). If you have a preference for where you are sitting, please be sure to discuss this with your group as changing tables may not be an option.

-Doors open at 6 and the raffle begins at 7. This will give you time to get your table set up (outside food is allowed, but please no outside alcohol) and take a look at our basket auction. You must be present to win baskets. Any basket not claimed will have another ticket drawn. Admission ticket price/table fee includes beer and pop. Wine and other beverages are available for sale at the Knights of Columbus bar.

-IMPORTANT: If you do not think you can make this event, please let us know ASAP if you cannot atttend. If you have seats at your table you'd like to sell you individuals, let us know that, too and we can try to fill up your space. There are a total of 10 seats per table. Any canceled reservation before March 1st can be refunded, March 1st and later the table fee cannot be refunded.

-Tickets for the meat raffle rounds can be bought using single dollar bills only. We will have some on site to exchange for larger bills but coming prepared with your own singles will help greatly.

-If this is your first raffle, you may want to bring a cooler for your meat (may the meat be with you)! 

We have some cool friends and we know this will be a good time. Thank you for your support! Enjoy!!

Meat Raffle Flyer