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Our school supply program is one of the most important initiatives for the Closet. We believe strongly that students should have the tools to be successful. By having the supplies they need, students are ready to learn! This program represents one of our largest costs and we rely heavily on donations to sustain this program.

What is the School Supply Program?

The school supply program provides basic school supplies at no cost to children living in the Village of Kenmore/Town of Tonawanda (Ken-Ton) and attending a school within Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District. Children living in the district but placed in other schools by the district for special needs also qualify. Preference is given to children that qualify for free/reduced price lunch. 


How can I help?

Thank you for asking! Without your help, this program would not be sustainable! You can get involved by:

Donating supplies...


You can donate any item that we provide to our students. We gladly accept donations throughout the year as this helps us to get ready for the following year. Whether you choose to donate as an individual or host a collection, we are grateful for every supply we are given! A list of things we accept can be found at the bottom of our school supply info page. For security of our donated supplies, we do ask that school supplies are dropped off directly to the Closet. We also ask that all supplies are new.

Give to United Way...

Through United Way's Donor Designated Agency Program, you can have a small amount of money taken from your paycheck each pay period. Whether it's $2, $5, or $10, your donation is the primary financial support for our program. When your enrollment period takes place at work, just let them know you would like your donation to go the Ken-Ton Closet! It's that easy!


Financial Assistance...

Donors can also make gifts of cash or gift cards. Checks (made payable to Ken-Ton Closet) or gift cards can be mailed to:

Ken-Ton Closet, Inc.

P.O. Box 343

Buffalo, NY 14223

Gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, Dollar Tree and Target are most helpful as we purchase most of our supplies from these sites. If you would like your donation to be used exclusively for school supplies, please let us know that when donating. Also, if you need a receipt, please be sure to indicate that when making a donation. Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for thinking of us!

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