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Advocates are champions for our cause! Whether you are referring families to us or assisting us to obtain resources, your help is vital to our success. 


These documents are excellent handouts to give to families that would like to learn more about the services we provide.

Information Sheet: This document summarizes our program and answers some frequently asked questions. (2 sided)

Recipient Half-Sheet: This document is less detailed than the full sized information sheet above, however it provides basic program information. These are excellent for people that work where they may come in contact with large numbers of clients that require our services (school, social services, after school programs, etc.). (2 sided)

2017 School Supply Information: Registration for the 2017 School Supply Program begins August 1st.  This document outlines how the program works and what supplies each student will receive.

You can also refer families directly to our Get Help page for more information on how they can receive services.


We grow every day when people like you share the word about what we do! Whether you are encouraging someone to volunteer, organizing a drive, matching us up with a grant opportunity, or hosting an informational presentation, we greatly appreciate your help and support. Information about ways to give to the Closet can also be found on our Donate page.

2017 School Supply Needs/Pledge list: This is a running list of items we need for our 2017 annual school supply drive.

2017 School Supply Pledge Site: You can make your donation at this link for our 2017 annual school supply drive. You can check the link above to see which items are needed the most!

2017 School Supply Pledge Declaration Form: Include this form when dropping off your pledged donations so we can check you off as gift received!

In-House presentation: We love to talk about the Closet! Our team of volunteers are eager to come to your workplace, club/group meeting and share our story. Presentations can be scheduled for 1/2 hour to an hour long and includes handouts for your participants. Arrangements can also be made for group tours of the Closet (individuals can stop by any time the Closet is open to check us out). 

Donor Half-Sheet: This document is a short summary of what the Closet accepts and how you can help. These are excellent for people that work where they may come in contact with large numbers of people that would like to help at the Closet (service organizations, church groups, volunteer programs, etc.). (2 sided)

Yard Sale Leftovers: This flyer is perfect to share with those hosting a yard sale! What better way to get rid of unsold children's clothing and Halloween costumes than to share with kiddos in our own community? Receipts for donations can be provided upon request. Donations can be dropped off at any of our collection sites or a pick-up can be scheduled (info is on the flyer).

2017 School Supply Drive Info
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